Cotton delights

Country cotton at its best




Love the t-shirt comfy to wear and well priced slogans are funny as well ...would I get another one ....yes I would most definitely...

Sussie O

Slogans you wont find anywhere else! I love my Puppy Power Tee!

Amie P

I have one of their T shirts. Great quality, very comfortable and love designs, would definitely recommend.

Kate W

Great design, fit's perfectly can't wait to see what else there is. 

Linda B


Its about a horse, his Andalusian roots, hardships, and disappointment in people. His courage of conviction and the roads he travelled to survive. Friends found, the fear of losing them is never far from his mind. 

Mary Pearce

12 Rounds by Mark Stubbs

They say you cant judge a book by its cover, but Mark Stubbs totally dispels this myth with 12 Rounds. Its fair to say you get exactly whats on the tin with this fantastic read. Its also probably fair to say that its not recommended to readers with a nervous disposition. Its incredibly thought provoking, like a firework which once you've lit goes of like a rocket and explodes. 

T Sherwood.

Scraping the Sky

This book should be included in the education curriculum, from the age of fourteen and upwards. Youths would get so much more out of reading this than the like of The Merchant of Venice or Macbeth. We live in the 21st centuary, and yet books like this are still not included. Well detailed it tells a powerful story of teen travel and naivety along the often trod backpacking trail through Asia. 

N Alexander Silk FM Rasio

Charlie Bonker 1

Full of action and attitude, this is an absorbing read for anyone with a sence of humor. The characters are brilliantly brought to life with vernacular-peppered dialoge and illustrations full of movement.

The Wessex Muse Magazine

If you like your tales to gallop along at a million miles an hour, to include characters who will tear your arms off, with their failings and then beat you to a pulp with the bloodied ends, If you like to read about the dark underside of society, the skewed and worrying individuals who dwell therein, and their slant on the world. If, you like your police drama to have an edge on it, physicality aplenty, if your urban landscape is more underground than Neverland, then this is for you...

Amazon customer